The HG Wells Short Story Competition Awards 2023


November 19, 2023 by Tim Prater

In recent years, the HG Wells Short Story Competition has welcomed stories from authors all over the world. This year is no exception, with shortlisted authors hailing from around the world, from Folkestone to Malaysia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong. We hope Wells himself would have been impressed by bringing the world together in this way, and enjoy that we can meet together on Zoom from around the world and share our stories, as outlandish as that would seem during his lifetime.

The 2023 Anthology of “Motion” is available now on Amazon at:

The Award Ceremony is broadcast on our Facebook Page at “live” and will be available to watch back until the end of 2023. The ceremony starts with a presentation by Dr Paul March-Russell on Men Like Gods.

2023 Margaret and Reg Turnill Prize

2023 Senior Prize


Theme: Motion

Winners to be announced Sunday 19th November.

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