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HG Wells Competition Shortlists 2023

We are delighted to announce our two shortlists for the prestigious H G Wells Short Story Competition 2023 on the theme “Motion”.

The judges have selected the following stories for the 2023 shortlists (listed below in alphabetical story order only).

Shortlist for Junior Competition, The Margaret and Reg Turnill Prize of £1,000

Radiyah NoumanPKAway the Water Drains
Yuen Tong LawHKCast Out of Heaven
Kantaphat PinareeTHElegy for A Machine
Catherine SaundersGBFigurehead
Pritha HalderINLadies’ Compartment
Thalia PetersonNZPareidolia
Gloria MesaUSRain Dance
Charlotte MoranGBThe Death of the Ticket Collector
Sarah-Kate SimonsNZThe Matchmaker
Allison VanHuysenUSThe Resonance of the Zucchini
Tessa ShutterGBWhen a car dies on a deserted road does it make a sound

Shortlist for the Senior Competition, The Grand Prize of £500

Kerry RyanGBA Parcel of Rogues
Steven JacksonGBA Static Hero
Arthur NeongMYA Walk in the Park
Jarick WeldonGBCurrents from Cabo Verde
Katie RizzoUSEndless Horizon
Mary OnionsGBGrounded
Mary OnionsGBPilgrimage
Keltie ZubkoCAThe Last Teardown of Eleanor
Anna LinstrumGBUntethered
Ashia MirzaGBYahya’s Garden

Many congratulations to the shortlisted writers. We look forward to meeting many of you at the online Awards Ceremony on Sunday 19th November 2023. Further details will be emailed to shortlisted authors soon.