2017 H G Wells Competition Anthology: Light


Edited by Charles Bain Smith


181 pages. ISBN 978-0-9955730-1-7.


Available now, Light contains twenty of the best short stories on the theme of Light selected by the judges from a large entry for the 2017 H.G. Wells Short Story Competition.

Stories are divided into two groups: authors 21 years of age and under and authors aged 22 years and above and include works by:

Hazel Atkinson, Mina Bixley, Malak Elsouri, Grace Howarth, Kaylene Jackmore, Francesca Kennedy, Elizabeth Kuiper, Laura Steel Pascual, Sithara Ranasinghe, Ashira Shirali, Alex Reece Abbott, Dianne Bown-Wilson, D R D Bruton, Mark Howard, Anthony Howcroft, Robin Jones, Sally Lane, Anne Petrie and Louise Rimmer.