Out of This World blog gives the HG Wells competition a mention!

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June 27, 2014 by hgwellscompetition

Thanks to Helen Yendall of Out Of This World (a blog about writing) for blogging about our short story competition!

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The Round The Island Race (at The Needles). The sea was like a millpond! The Round The Island Race (at The Needles). The sea was like a millpond! I’m back.

Given my last, rather painful post, just prior to zipping off to the Isle of Wight, you might have been wondering if I’d thrown myself onto The Needles.

But no. (Actually they were a lot smaller than I was expecting. Maybe they’ve shrunk. Or eroded?).

It was a lovely trip (I can recommend the Isle of Wight! Especially in the sun) and I came back feeling very refreshed (er..for about 24 hours).

And there is a literary connection. Apparently, Alfred, Lord Tennyson, spent many happy years on the Isle of Wight and there’s even a monument to him (didn’t manage to get to that this time, but we’re planning to go back, so I’ll see it then).

Thank you all for your sympathy and kind suggestions on how to beat ‘The Stress’. I…

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H.G. Wells Short Story Competition


Theme: Light
Closing date: 16 July 2017
Submit: hgwstory@gmail.com

For further information, please read the rules and FAQs below. If you cannot find the answer to your query there, you can email hgwellscompetition@gmail.com

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