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May 26, 2014 by hgwellscompetition

Blog post reviewing one of our free writers’ workshops – thank you to Karen aka “Nanny Cool” for this great review.

Karen's World

20140525-060953 pm-65393036.jpgOn Saturday I attended a workshop given by Jennifer Thatcher which was held at The Grand Hotel in Folkestone, Kent. This was part of the HG Wells Festival.
After the usual introductions we looked at what makes a good review? Deciding that it was a number of things such as good first lines that hook you in or grab your attention. The use of adjectives and maybe even linking it to something that is going on in the news at that time.
Looking through a number of papers we realised that there were many that did not ‘grab’ us but again like the review it is an individual’s interpretation and not everyone will agree with it.
The last part of the workshop looked at interviews and the questions you should ask to get the most out of the interviewee. Obviously open questions work the best and even then adding…

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